The emergence and subsequent expansion of the M2M and IoT phenomena is driving change across society, with significant potential for new applications across all walks of life. There is not a sector that will not be impacted. Latest global estimates suggest that there are in excess of 10 connected devices for every person connected to the internet. The IoT phenomena will drive large scale embedding of small sensing devices which, through automation, will enhance an experience, remove a process, reduce a cost or save a resource. All locally placed, such devices will connect to the IoT via a wireless connection and with the expansion of standardized protocols across cellular wireless networks into further and further reaches of civilization, the number of connected devices is likely to double every 5 years. With this in mind Gateway has an extensive range of IoT ready devices.

The selection chart below gives you an idea of what is available from our franchised manufacturers. If however you are unsure about what you need and require further assistance, or you can't find what you need on the table, Contact the CanDo team today.

IoT line card

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